DIY jobs to tackle around the home this summer

23 Apr 2024

If you are after some inspiration, or a little motivation for DIY jobs you can do that to take advantage of the warmer Summer months, then check out this list below…

If you are after some inspiration, or a little motivation for DIY jobs you can do that to take advantage of the warmer Summer months, then check out this list below…

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Can you feel it? That little hint that summer is just around the corner?

It might give you that surge of much-needed energy as you emerge from a winter ‘hibernation’. And for many of us, that involves making plans that might involve home improvements and general maintenance.

Which means you will have a big to-do list of DIY jobs for the summer months!

Some will be smaller jobs; low hanging fruits that can be ticked off straight away,

Others might be bigger projects for a bank holiday weekend.

And it is definitely a chance to make sure something gets ticked off from that list of jobs that we all never seem to get around to!

1 Get the pressure washer out

It’s the perfect time to jet wash your patios and garden furniture. Remove all of that winter grime and get ready to enjoy the garden this summer. This is one of those jobs that’s immensely satisfying and makes a huge difference.

2 Clean your gutters

Ok so it’s not glamorous. And definitely not quite as satisfying as jet washing. But it is a necessary maintenance task. Regular gutter cleaning can save you money in the long run as blockages can cause leaks and damage.

3 Paint the exterior of your house

If you have a rendered exterior or timber cladding, the summer months are the perfect time to give a fresh coat of paint. If you don’t feel confident going up a ladder, you can always hire a professional to do this job for you. Make sure they are a CPA registered tradesperson.

4 Paint fences

Painting your fences preserves them for longer and freshens up your garden. And there are so many wonderful colours to choose from. If your fence panels have seen better days, summer is the perfect time to replace them, and maybe upgrade to a composite material.

5 Renew block paving

If you have block paving, summer is the perfect time for repair and maintenance. It’s often an overlooked job, but it is essential to ensure the slabs do not move or sink. You should begin by weeding and cleaning, then re sand the block paving by spreading kiln dried sand evenly over the surface. And finally, seal the paving. You can buy DIY kits for this at your local DIY store. If this is a job you don’t have the confidence to tackle there are lots of companies that offer block paving cleaning.

6 Freshen up a room with some new paint

Painting in the winter is far less enjoyable than in summer. It gets dark quickly, and it's hard to see what you are doing on a gloomy day. So take advantage of the longer days and natural light and use summer time to redecorate a room. Of course, if you would prefer to get the professionals in to redecorate, Summer is still perfect, employ a CPA registered tradesperson and you can sit and relax in the garden and enjoy the sunshine

7 Wash curtains

Take advantage of the sunshine and the washing line, and wash your curtains and any other window dressings or upholstery. Another quick and simple win for the to-do list.

8 Deep clean the carpets

Giving the carpets a steam clean to get rid of all that winter grime is a quick win. And it’s far easier in the summer as you can throw the windows open so the carpets dry quicker, plus, keep the kids entertained outside with the paddling pool and ice lollies!

9 Refresh a room with new pictures

If you want to freshen up a room in your home for summer, but don’t have the time or the budget for a complete overhaul, take on a smaller project. Refresh a room by hanging new pictures. Fitting a picture shelf is a great way of displaying artwork that can be changed whenever you like without leaving holes in the wall that need to be filled every time.

10 Paint your doors

Painting internal doors can be a tricky job in the winter. You need to protect the floor and make sure no one touches the door whilst the paint is drying. Painting doors in summer is much easier as you can remove the door and paint it outside. It’s also the perfect time to paint your front door. Maybe go for a new colour altogether!

11 Fix leaky taps

We should all be conscious of saving water. Inevitably, there will be a hosepipe ban at some point in the summer, so now is the time to fix any leaky taps.

12 Have a clear out

Is your loft the place where things go to die? Can you actually remember what’s in the back of the shed, let alone get to it? Is your garage a chaotic clutter filled mess?

Summer is the perfect time to tackle a sort out. One that you have probably been putting off for months. Put the time in to turn a mess into something functional and organised. You can even take advantage of a sunny day and have a car boot or driveway sale of all the things you no longer want or need. You can put any money you make towards your next home renovation project!


Summer time is perfect for a spruce or a refresh. There are many DIY jobs that will quickly improve the appearance of your home, but are also essential for maintenance. They don’t have to cost a fortune and can easily be tackled yourself.

If you are embarking on some bigger projects this summer that require professionals to get the job done, don’t forget to look into an Insurance backed Guarantee and deposit protection scheme from a CPA registered tradesperson.

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