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What is a deposit protection scheme?

Some installers and contractors will take a deposit before starting a job. But you’ll want to make sure this money is protected by deposit protection in the unlikely event that the installer ceases to trade.

A deposit can be quite a sizeable sum, paid out before you see any progress on your project. Our go-to advice for all consumers would be to pay for this on a credit card for guaranteed protection.  Without insurance from a credit card provider or deposit protection, you risk losing your hard-earned cash should the work fail to commence.

Our deposit protection insurance covers a deposit of up to 25% of the agreed price with the company or £7,500, whichever is less. Cover is for a maximum period of 120 days or until the work commences, whichever is sooner.

The CPA holds a database of tradespeople who can offer you a deposit protection scheme.  By choosing to work with a CPA member, you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re not only working with a top-rated tradesperson, but also a fully protected deposit.

Are you eligible for deposit protection?

To be protected to be, make sure you have the following in place:

  • A CPA approved home improvement contractor -  you can find one here today.

  • Not all CPA members can offer deposit protection. If you are unsure, please contact us today.

  • A copy of each of the following: Written guarantee for the agreed works, proof of purchase and the contractor’s outlined terms and conditions.

Important Notice:

You MUST register your deposit, otherwise, you will not be covered. 

The Consumer Protection Association will not provide you with a personal recommendation as to whether Deposit Protection is suitable for your needs.

The Consumer Protection Association is an appointed representative of CPA Consumer Guard Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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