Why 70% of consumers believe that CPA members provide the most protection

19 May 2016

Not only does an installer’s CPA accreditation let consumers buy with confidence, it provides protection in the event of bankruptcy or liquidation.

Helping build trust between homeowners and installers

Builder and installer in new house build

More and more homeowners are recognising the importance of selecting a reliable and reputable home improvement installer when looking to renovate their home. This not only ensures that they are less likely to encounter a cowboy builder but also means that they’re important investment is safe, with a high quality project almost always guaranteed.

In a survey carried out recently it was revealed that 70% of consumers believe that CPA members provide the most protection for homeowners seeking to carry out a home improvement project on their property. Not only does an installer’s CPA accreditation let consumers buy with confidence but it protects both parties in the event of bankruptcy or liquidation, avoiding a consumer rights dispute.

What’s different about CPA members?

  • Officially accredited to show homeowners they are fully vetted and highly skilled installers
  • CPA members offer high quality Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG) and deposit protection to guard customer finances in the unlikely event of company liquidation
  • They assure customers get a high quality home improvement project that is fully guaranteed
  • When opting for a CPA partnered installer homeowners can be confident that they are not alone, having CPA backing throughout the project and beyond
  • Installer work is regularly surveyed by the CPA after completion, showing consumers that their company’s work is something to be proud of.
  • CPA members always keep homeowners in the loop, remaining truthful, honest and abide by building regulation standards to always deliver the best standards.
Added value promotional video for CPA members

Proving that CPA members are more likely to win business fairly

Because such a large portion of homeowners see the value in a well-accredited installer or home improvement company, simply seeing the CPA logo on a company van or website immediately helps reliable tradesmen win more business. To further help you stand out, all CPA members have access to powerful sales and marketing literature also, giving you a further edge.

All of these various services the CPA members are able to provide help genuine tradespeople to stand out from the crowd, winning the fight against “cowboy builders” and benefitting innocent homeowners also.

Insurance Backed Guarantees to show consumers you’re genuine

If you are a professional, becoming CPA accredited helps you to prove your authenticity, stand out from the crowd, and to gain trust from the consumer. We only deal with fully proven and accredited professionals, removing the risk of both homeowners and hardworking tradesmen being caught out.

CPA members simply offer the best insurance protection for home improvement projects around and 70% of surveyed consumers agree.