What if we told you 100% of your customers think you’re excellent?

Being a member of the CPA comes with many benefits. Insurance Backed Guarantees, Deposit Protection, Finance and Insurance, Marketing Support. All this helps to build your profile as a reliable, professional, and trustworthy company. As a member of the CPA, we will also provide you with a quarterly report including statistics on how your customers rate you. What better way to analyse your company performance than through your own customer’s opinions.

What if we told you 100% of your customers think you’re excellent?

Surely this will be the best news you’ve had all year. Customer satisfaction is perhaps the most important ingredient to a successful business. It’s also a great way to advertise your excellence. With reputations built through customer reviews and spread through social media and the internet in general; a positive customer report is a great way to establish your company as the best in the business.

Have a look at these Consumer Feedback Reports shared on Twitter for:

Andy Glass Windows

Harleston Joinery Ltd


Mendip Conservatories

Evaluating consumer experience

The Consumer Feedback Report rates a company in four categories. A company is scored for efficiency, courtesy & professionalism, work fulfilment, and whether a customer would recommend the company to others. To score 100% across all four categories is an achievement to be truly proud of. Customers remain anonymous throughout the process to ensure confidentiality is not breached and results are a fair and unbiased opinion of a company and their services.

All consumer surveys are submitted directly to the CPA. The tradesman or installer plays no part in the questionnaire to ensure integrity is upheld. The CPA then collate the information and relay it to the contractor so they can assess their performance levels. Members are then able to demonstrate to future customers that they are a great company to work with.

Whether you’re a consumer looking for a reliable construction company, or an installer trying to build your business; the CPA can help. Call us on 01462 850 064 or send us a message online to find out more information about our full range of products and services.