11 Tips to Modernise Your Home

9 May 2024

Want to modernise your home but not sure where to start? These tips will help give you some inspiration and guidance...

Attempting to modernise your home can feel daunting.

Renovation projects can be expensive, lengthy and stressful; it’s crucial that you hire people you trust. At the CPA, we work with numerous reputable tradespeople who value your financial security and peace of mind.

We’ve compiled 11 tips on how to modernise your home (for all budgets)

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1. Establish a budget

Whether you’ve got thousands to spend on a full renovation or you’re working to a shoestring, there are plenty of ways to modernise your home. Either way, establishing a budget is an important first step.

For larger projects that might involve outsourcing, ensure that the tradespeople you hire to help you take on the work are registered in a deposit protection scheme. It’s always a smart move to get written confirmation of this before parting with your cash.

2. Consider sustainability

Investing in sustainability not only adds long-term value to your property, but quick upgrades, like installing eco-friendly appliances, can save you a chunk of change almost immediately.

With the cost of living crisis looming, it has never been a better time to swap to renewable energy sources.

Transitioning to become more sustainable is achievable at any budget; start small by using eco-friendly paint or go big by installing solar panels on your roof. No matter where you start, sustainability is a key way to modernise your home.

Make sure to hire a CPA registered tradesperson to support you in large-scale projects.

3. LED Lighting

Swap out inefficient traditional bulbs for LED alternatives to save on your bills. Experiment with colours and tones using LED strips as accent lights in your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

4. Remote controlled appliances

App-controlled lighting in every room? Quite an ice-breaker for your next social gathering

Fully automating your lighting system or managing your appliances through an app not only feels modern, but is also incredibly eco-friendly.

Forgot to turn the lights off in the kitchen but you’re already tucked up in bed? Now you can switch them off without abandoning your duvet.

5. A Lick o’ paint

Tear off your old-school wallpaper and rip up that hideously dated carpet, it’s time to breathe some life back into your space.

Giving your floors, walls or ceilings a fresh coat of paint is a simple way to propel your space into the present day without breaking the bank.

6. Modernise the details

If you live in an older property, it’s likely you’ve got some old-school fixtures and fittings. It might be time to swap out that dated brass doorknob in your bedroom with some sleek steel for an instant facelift.

Dismantle your door handle by removing its pressure release, unscrewing the cover plates and door latch mechanism. Make sure you measure your door before choosing a replacement handle, then fit the latch and plates back in place.

Harder than it looks? You can always call upon a CPA registered tradesperson to do the job for you. We assure you, they can handle it.

7. Upgrade your security system

Peace of mind is priceless. If you’re making the change to modernise your home, consider whether your security system is due an upgrade. There are a tonne of options out there, some that can be controlled right from your smartphone.

Added bonus: an upgraded security system directly increases the value of your property for those looking to sell.

When considering your safety, don’t stop at your burglar alarm. Check out what Insurance Backed Guarantee and deposit protection schemes are available from CPA registered tradespeople for added peace of mind.

8. Give the garden a makeover

Modernising your home goes beyond your four walls, your garden is just as important: Perhaps you’ve got kids, or even grandkids, regularly making use of your outside space.

Why not lay a deck in time for summer BBQs, or work on the landscaping for a lovely family photoshoot backdrop?

9. Open up your space

Nothing says modern like bright, airy spaces. Open plan kitchen/living rooms are the hallmark of homeowners who entertain. Though a heftier renovation project, knocking down some walls to open up your space is a fantastic way to modernise your home.

10. Invest in some greenery

A simple and budget-friendly way to modernise your home is filling it with house-plants. Not only do plants create a wonderfully bohemian aesthetic, but they provide multiple health benefits for you and your family.

11. Install double-glazing

Tired of that December draught? It’s probably time to install some double-glazing.

Dodge those steep energy bills by locking in your heat during winter, whilst also adding some value to your property.

Whether you’re into DIY or prefer to outsource, modernising your home is achievable for anyone with any budget.

The CPA is here to support you on your journey to building your dream home. Whether you work with a CPA accredited tradesperson or simply gain inspiration and guidance from our online resources, we aim to support and empower every home renovation project, no matter how big or small.

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