The future of sales online

30 Jul 2014

Boost your sales online! In the third part of our consumer behaviour guide, discover how homeowners search for tradesmen using the internet.

Trade construction worker in hi-vis jacket, helmet, on mobile phone using laptopAlready we have seen a switch from sales to marketing – more than 80 per cent of the buying cycle is complete by the time a customer contacts you for a meeting or site survey.Part of the reason for this is that consumers are increasingly using the internet to help them make their buying decision. Over 73 per cent of UK adults use the internet every day, and nearly all of them (72%) have bought goods and services online. If you don’t have a web presence, you are virtually invisible to a large percentage of your prospects.Here’s how to use the internet to your advantage and get more qualified leads.

Show, not sell

The power is in consumers’ hands and this trend is unlikely to change. Consumers are looking for you to show them what you can do, not just tell them. The hard sell doesn’t work anymore, not when homeowners have so many companies vying for their custom.The internet is a great medium to show off your product offering. Start by investing in a bespoke website, your new marketing and sales hub. This is your chance to demonstrate the best about you, your business and your products. If consumers like what they see on your website, they will come to you.

Engage with your prospects

Consumers already expect big brands to exist across all mediums, online and offline, including many social media channels. With social media, not only can you answer their queries online, but the more visible your company is online and the more positive comments and reviews it generates, the better your business will look. You’ll be surprised about how many calls you get from prospects whose curiosity has been piqued.

The future

Already, consumers are using the web to research products, search for reviews of your services and contact you or book an appointment via your website. We’re also seeing several online specification tools for trade – how long will it be before homeowners can specify their own products and customise their design online?While consumers will always want to see products in person before purchasing, the web has loads of possibilities for your business. Find out what products homeowners want, or get more marketing tips from the CPA.