Fast-track launched to boost industry

21 Jan 2014

The Consumer Protection Association (CPA) is rolling out a major new initiative, to help installers navigate as the UK economy returns to growth.

CPA FastTrackThe Consumer Protection Association (CPA) is rolling out a major new initiative, to help installers navigate 2014 as the UK economy returns to growth.The installer support body is launching CPA Fast Track.Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) the CPA’s core business is providing Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBGs) and deposit protection to installers carrying out home improvements.But it also offers its members a host of other benefits such as marketing support; training; sales presentation advice and quarterly assessment reports.Fast Track will provide an immediate response for all of its services and also provide a launch-pad for new initiatives.Director Jeremy Brett explains Fast Track in more detail: “With the economy returning back to growth and the industry looking like it will turn a corner, 2014 will be a potentially huge year. All the indicators are showing that confidence has returned.“But the economy and expectations are different from five years ago and Fast Track will help our members adapt and win profitable new business.“There are essentially four elements – Fast Track knowledge and information; Fast Track sales and growth; Fast Track legislation and Fast Track Insurance Backed Guarantees. Installers can come to us and we’ll arm them with all the support and infrastructure they need to fly in 2014.”

Increase your industry knowledge with CPA FastTrack

CPA FastTrack knowledge and information will allow installers to have privileged access to the organisation’s barometer and survey findings it will carry out in 2014.At the end of 2013 the CPA carried out the largest installer survey the industry has ever seen. It commissioned Insight Data to poll over 12,000 installers about their thoughts and plans going forward.In 2013 the CPA also partnered with sales training expert Paul Clifton to produce a sales training guide on how to add value to sales presentations.Fast Track sales and growth will allow new and existing members to access the series and take part in training and receive guides and information to help them achieve sales and growth.With government led changes such at the MTC certified installer scheme on the horizon Fast Track legislation will allow installers to contact the CPA support team and receive information and guidance on how to prepare for any industry changes.Regarding the impending MTC accreditation the CPA can equip installers with all the knowledge they need and guide them through the accreditation process.“Fast-track also allows our members to easily identify what we do and what will benefit them most. We’re much more than just a provider of Insurance Backed Guarantees and want to ensure installers get the best out of our service,” Jeremy concludes.At the end of 2013 CPA polled it members and the feedback was that they are more upbeat about 2014 than they were a year previously about 2013.