Consumer Buying Habits Guide 2014

16 Jul 2014

Read the Consumer Protection Association market report and series of articles about consumer buying habits in the home improvement sector, as of July 2014.

Last year, the CPA teamed up with window industry sales training expert Paul Clifton to deliver a series of sales guides for installers. Now, we’re continuing to provide marketing support for all our CPA members with a market report and a series of articles about what consumers look for when buying a home improvement product.From our research, we’ve found that there are more homeowners ready to buy this year than any year since 2008. Are you happy with your leads? If not, you need to know what consumers are looking for.Consumer Habits Buying Guide 2014 compiled by the CPASometimes, you can be offering all the right things, but somehow your leads just don’t convert into sales. That’s because consumer behaviour has changed over the last 10 years. In this five-part series, we’ll be offering you an insight into how your prospects now search for your products and services and what makes them buy.We will be offering advice about which products, services and additional extras you can offer customers to boost your sales, as well as recommending new areas you could grow into to expand your business – including online.In the final article of the series, we will reveal the 7 golden sales tips that we’ve found through our research into what consumers want from trade in 2014. Keep an eye out every Wednesday over the next couple of months as we keep you up to date with all you need to know about the consumer market.The series begins with how consumer buying habits have changed. Come back next Wednesday for the next installment or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest News.

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