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Consumer Complaint Policy

Unhappy with the service you’ve received?

In the very unlikely event that you are unhappy with the service received from a CPA member, rest assured that we are here to support you every step of the way.

We have an extremely effective complaints handling system. The first course of action does require you to contact the contracting company directly with the details they provided, and allow them a reasonable opportunity to resolve your complaint.

We can be sure the company will do their best to rectify the problem, and it’s expected that a CPA member will respond within 2 weeks of the complaint being received.

What if my complaint is still not resolved?

In the very unlikely instance that your complaint is not resolved, we will offer as much support as we can to resolve the issue effectively .

You can contact the CPA directly and we will independently mediate between the customer and CPA member until an effective resolution is reached.

We aim to ensure that all customers working with CPA members are satisfied with the service they receive, and we do our best to keep you both away from costly court battles and legal fees.

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What is a CPA Member?

Our members list includes thousands of high quality, trusted professionals.

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Find a CPA Member near you

We have an extensive members list including 100s of fully-vetted, reputable, and trusted professionals from across the whole UK. Find the right person for your home improvement project.