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Consumer Surveys

Valuable customer insights available to all CPA members

Get insights into customer satisfaction and feedback through our customer survey service.

Any customers of CPA members who take out a policy are given the opportunity to complete a customer survey. This information is then collated internally and used to build our quarterly reports which are then shared with the member.

These insights can help you improve customer relationships, experience, and gain valuable data regarding employee performance and quality standards.

The benefits of customer surveys include:

  • Insights into employee performance

  • Constructive and honest feedback from customers

  • Data capture

  • Reviews and testimonials that can help bring in new business

  • Proof of competence and capability

Having access to this survey service and the information it provides can help installers increase new business opportunities and inform business direction to continually drive better performance and output.

The information obtained can be used as a no-cost quality control system to increase best practices and raise industry standards.

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