The women taking construction and glazing by storm

24 Feb 2015

Attitudes towards women working in construction and glazing are gradually improving, but who are the driving forces behind the change?

Attitudes towards women working in construction and glazing are gradually changing for the better, but with only 11% of construction employees being of the fairer sex, there is still a way to go. We've recently explored how successful 2014 was for women in trade, but who are the driving forces behind improving attitudes within the industry?Here are some of the leading tradeswomen who are championing their work and our industry online.

Girl in Glazing

... or Sarah as she's otherwise known, is Director of Exe Windows, Doors and Conservatories, a company she started with her partner back in 2011. She's one of the most vocal women in the fenestration industry, with an industry-acclaimed blog on the subject - Girl in Glazing - which boasts more than 5,000 readers.

Su Butcher

Trained architect Su is a proactive voice for women in the construction industry. Now a social media consultant with some 20,000 Twitter followers, she's a powerful voice for the construction industry and for women working in the sector.

Petita Wiles

Another respected female voice across the industry and twitter-sphere is Petita Wiles. Running a popular twitter account and blog with the latest news and issues across the fenestration industry, Petita was recently voted ‘Social Networker 2014’ at the National Fenestration Awards, proving that she’s fast becoming one of the leading female voices in the glazing industry.

Gemma Roe

Gemma founded Rotunda Living, a construction company and CPA member that manufactures and installs timber roundhouses, in 2012, just after the birth of her first child. Since then, the company has double its revenues, and doubled its staff. In October last year, Gemma was visited by George Osbourne, the Chancellor, and Nicky Morgan, Minister for Women and Equalities, as part of a regional tour highlighting the role of women in the economy. With plans afoot for overseas expansion, Gemma looks set to have a very successful 2015 ahead of her.

... and finally

How could we discuss women in construction and glazing without mentioning one of their most influential advocates? Although male, Double Glazing Blogger has been encouraging more women to consider a career in the fenestration industry for several years now.

Championing women in the Construction and Fenestration industry

The Consumer Protection Association is dedicated to championing the role of women in the construction industry. With over 21 years’ experience providing insurance services to installers and homeowners and lobbying the Government for change, the CPA is committed to fighting for the rights of both consumers and businesses.Do you know any more women who should be celebrated for their work? Tweet us @CPATrade and let us know who deserves a mention!