What's the Deal with the Green Deal?

18 Mar 2014

What happened to the government’s flagship energy saving scheme? The CPA has launched a series of blogs analysing the efficacy of the Green Deal.

Green plant shoot emerging from money representing the Green DealA year ago everybody was talking about how the Green Deal would revolutionise the home improvement industry, helping homeowners afford the installation of energy saving measures in their homes and giving them cash incentives to do so.But little over a year later and the subject has all but disappeared from trade publications and is only ever criticised in national newspapers. So what happened to the government’s flagship energy saving scheme?

What is the green deal?

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be releasing a series of blogs and information pieces detailing all you need to know about the Green Deal – what it is, what it was meant to be, why it went wrong and what future it has.We’ll also be looking in-depth at the promises made by the government and the Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC) and analysing the steps they’re taking to try and make it work.At the CPA, we’re passionate about protecting the consumer in the home improvement industry and we’re working to highlight the issues that affect homeowners and tradesmen, for a more transparent and reputable industry.Keep an eye out for our new blogs and get all the facts the government don’t want you to know about the Green Deal…