What Do Homeowners Want in a Home Improvement Contractor?

13 Feb 2014

You might have a great brand and sales success, but are you really what homeowners are looking for? Read about 8 things homeowners want in a contractor.

In the world of home improvement, prices have become more competitive over recent years and contractors have had to use inventive ways to market their services. Whether you’re an architect, builder, double glazing installer, carpenter, plumber, electrician, decorator, roofer, landscaper or handyman, these tips can help you discover what homeowners want, so you can tune your marketing and your sales pitch to perfection.Homeowners happy with a sales presentation by a reliable tradesman

1. Recognisable brand

Branding is incredibly important. A great name, an attractive logo and branded business cards might just give you the edge over the competition. But more importantly consumers want to know why they should purchase from you rather than your competitors. Promote yourself by telling them more about your company, such as how long you’ve been in business and what your team are like!

2. Reputable tradesmen

No matter how persuasive you are, a homeowner will always be reluctant to trust you 100% until they’ve seen the evidence that you can do what you’ve promised. Online reviews, interactive social media accounts and case studies of similar projects undertaken are all great ways to show off your work and build a fantastic reputation. Personal recommendations are also great for referrals.

3. Good rapport

In order to maintain a trustworthy relationship with your client, it’s important that you make a good first impression. Homeowners are looking for pleasant and approachable tradespeople who can help them realise their dream improvement project, rather than pushing them into choosing a product that might not suit their property and they don’t want.

4. Professional tradesmen

As well as friendliness, potential clients need to know that you are professional in all aspects of your work. Take time to complete a full preliminary inspection and don’t be afraid to talk to the homeowner in depth to find out exactly what they want. Provide them with a comprehensive and detailed job description tailored to their specific project, rather than a handwritten quote.

5. Workable timeframe

Owners will understand that contractors need to take the time to do a thorough job, but they will also want to minimise the disruption to their lives. Give them an accurate timeline as far as possible, and if the project will take longer than a couple of days, let them know how you will be spending your time. Transparency is important here – homeowners just want to make sure that contractors are using their time efficiently.

6. Fair prices

Whilst it’s true that some consumers will be swayed by slashed prices or buy one get one free offers, a vast majority care more about a job well done and a high quality, long lasting end result. As long as your prices are fair and you have a history of meeting the budget you quoted, then homeowners will be more than satisfied with your proposal.

7. Quality products

Now more than ever before, consumers are more aware of the options available to them and they research products before even contacting installation companies, let alone making a purchase. Make sure you’re offering a range of quality products borne of the latest technological developments and with high specification features.

8. Accreditations

Most homeowners nowadays ask to see a contractor’s accreditations. No matter what industry you’re in, registering with the CPA will give your clients the peace of mind that their deposit and home improvement investment are guaranteed and that, should anything happen to your company in the future, their new installation, build or decoration project is still under warranty. Find out more about our deposit protection insurance here.Above all, homeowners just want to be sure that contractors are who they say they you are, know what they’re doing and that their project will be a worthwhile investment. It’s all about consumer trust. Here at the CPA we understand what homeowners want and we work hard to protect the consumer when purchasing in the home improvement market. CPA members find that enquiries and sales rates improve dramatically as homeowners see them as a reliable and reputable company.Show homeowners you care and join the CPA today.The Consumer Protection Association (CPA) also offers a range of marketing services for trade. Click here to find out how we support our trade members.