Technology to boost UK kitchen and bathroom market

23 Nov 2016

At the CPA, we have seen a steady increase in the UK’s kitchen and bathroom market. Our extensive database contains fully vetted installers and retailers.


At the CPA, we have seen a steady increase in the UK’s kitchen and bathroom market. As our members take on more business in the sector, we are seeing an increase in Insurance Backed Guarantees being taken out for bathroom and kitchen jobs. This is particularly the case at the luxury end of the market.

When pricing isn’t such a problem, installers can offer high end products to help increase their profit margin. Consumers are increasingly investing more time and money on remodelling their kitchens and bathrooms. With a focus on wellness, luxury and relaxation; new technology is paving the way for growth across the market.

The millennial market comes of age

If you were born anytime between the early 1980s and the mid to late 1990s, you could be classed as a ‘millennial’. As the millennial market reaches the prime house buying age, home improvement trends are shifting in their favour.

Automated products are becoming increasingly common; with some experts suggesting that in the future every part of the home will be remotely controlled. Technology such as smart showers, speaker integrated mirrors, and remote lighting appeal to the ‘millennials’. This technology will continue to offer significant opportunities for installers in 2016 and beyond.

Customer confidence with the CPA


At the CPA we have an extensive database of accredited kitchen and bathroom installers. Our focus is on raising standards across the home improvement industry and connecting consumers with reputable traders and installers. Our database includes a range of specialist kitchen and bathroom companies, from smaller retailers to nationwide installation businesses.

If you need advice from the CPA on the best kitchen and bathroom installers in your area; call us on 01462 850064 or send us a message online. We only endorse accredited installers who have been fully vetted by us.