Strengthening the construction industry: #TogetherStronger

5 May 2016

Earlier this year, the CPA launched their #TogetherStronger campaign. Forgotten what it's all about? Here is a reminder - and how you can benefit.

Yuki the sumo wrestler part of our together stronger campaign

Earlier this year, the CPA launched their #TogetherStronger campaign. At the face of the campaign is sumo Yuki, who highlights the strength with which the CPA work to protect the industry from fraudulent tradespeople.

Just in case you’ve forgotten the key points behind the campaign, here is a reminder:

Positively impacting CPA members and their customers

The key point behind the #TogetherStronger campaign is to protect both CPA member tradespeople and their customers. This includes home improvement companies and local builders, just to name a selection.

Consumer services are only successful if both parties come away pleased, and the CPA ensure that this can happen, with every installation. By prioritising protection for both parties, it is clear to see how much the CPA care about the construction industry, and all involved.

Peace of mind with a range of services

Mutual protection stems from two key components – certified Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG’s) and deposit protection.

With large sums of money often being transferred from customers to tradespeople, the CPA see monetary protection as a priority. Not only do IBG’s and deposit schemes give both parties tangible protection, but they provide peace of mind when it is needed most.

In addition to these protective services, CPA members can also benefit from sales and marketing literature, training and quarterly reports (compiled from completed customer surveys). These services can help genuine tradespeople to stand out from the crowd and to win the fight against “cowboy builders.”

Strength in numbers

So, put simply, the #TogetherStronger campaign highlights how the partnership between the CPA and genuine tradesmen can strengthen the construction industry.

Not only will “cowboy builders” be left behind, but consumers will gain peace of mind that their money and homes are in safe hands – all they have to do is choose those tradespeople who are CPA members!