Even the Covid cloud has a silver lining

3 Apr 2020

It has been an important time to change attitudes and generally stay positive. Home improvement protection will be just as important as it was pre-Covid-19.

We are currently living in an unprecedented time in modern history. The impact from the COVID-19 outbreak is influencing every area of our lives. With many companies being forced into temporary shutdown, the future may seem extremely uncertain, both economically and in the way we function as a society.

The COVID-19 situation at the CPA

At the CPA, we are currently following government guidelines with regards to our business practises. Members of our team who can work from home are currently doing so and those who need to self-isolate are being supported through this.We still have a core of office staff who are adhering to social distancing rules and we are undertaking regular deep cleaning of all office equipment. We are constantly keeping up to date with government updates on the rapidly changing situation and will adapt our business accordingly.

Staying positive during nationwide lockdown

There may seem like little to be positive about right now but if we view the current situation from a different perspective, we may find some light amongst the darkness. There are far fewer cars on the road in both the UK and across the globe and air travel is at a fraction of its normal frequency. This means that global carbon emissions will have been greatly reduced in an extremely short period of time. If, as is predicted, the situation continues for several months, the UK government may very well be on its way to the pledged zero emissions target by 2050.

Changing people’s attitudes

The COVID-19 outbreak is also forcing people to reflect on their lives. As we are all forced into close confinement with our families or in many cases – alone, we are all being given the opportunity to think about how we live our lives.Many people will emerge from the current situation with a broader perspective on what’s important in life. People will build stronger community links and understand the value of essential necessities like never before. People will also better understand the importance of preparing for unpredictable situations and life emergencies.That’s why at the CPA, we are continuing to operate and provide the same invaluable service we always have. When everything returns to normal, home improvement protection will be just as important as it ever was for both consumers and installers. We will all appreciate the importance of protecting our assets having lived through such uncertain times.If you’d like to prepare yourself for the future and safeguard against financial uncertainty you can contact the CPA on 01462 850 064 or online.