CPA membership on the rise, further making us #TogetherStronger

24 May 2016

A recent installer survey we conducted has revealed that we experienced a 25% spike in companies joining the CPA, compared to the same period last year.

How will the Consumer Rights Act affect trade?

A recent installer survey we conducted has revealed that we experienced a 25% spike in companies joining the CPA this year, compared to the same period last year. Already hundreds of elite installers make up our reliable membership base, the majority of which operate within the glazing of construction industry. Now with this continued growth partially helped by our successful #TogetherStronger campaign, it’s clear to see that installers see the benefit in being a CPA member.

Every time an installer registers an IBG, once the job is completed the consumer is sent a questionnaire to fill out, asking a series of questions about the installer’s work and approach. This data is then collated by us and sent to the installer in the form of a quarterly report, helping them to identify areas of service for improvement and increase best practice.

A membership installers gain significant value from

The primary benefit installers gain by becoming a CPA member is understandably the ability to provide consumers with high quality and safe Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG) and Deposit Protection. In the unlikely event that a company ceases to trade, this helps give homeowners added peace of mind by knowing that their finances are sufficiently protected. Offering this ability as a CPA certified member, is a sure fire way to convey how reliable and trustworthy your business is also.

More recently we’ve made it our mission to provide CPA members with added bonuses and support that expands beyond IBG and deposit protection capability, providing installers with new and more innovative ways to win new business and beat out competitors. Once acquiring membership, we work with installers to help promote their business more effectively through inventive marketing support, which also grants members access to a licence for sales staff and showrooms.

Helping companies stand out from the crowd inventively

Homeowners satisfied with their new home improvement products; hug, yellow house, couple

Karl Girling from Pedmore Windows has remained a CPA member for over 20 years, he had this to say about how we have helped Pedmore consistently grow in that time:

"Every quarter we receive lots of marketing literature and a colour A4 graph chart, with independent customer feedback on our company’s installations. We display this in our showroom and it is an excellent tool for helping us to close sales.”

How the increase will help to benefit consumers

The continued growth in CPA membership simply means that there are more quality and reliable tradesmen operating in the UK today, making it less likely that homeowners wanting to renovate their property will feel the wrath of an unaccredited cowboy builder. When opting for a CPA certified member, consumers can benefit from complete peace of mind knowing that in the event of liquidation, their finances will always remain protected.

CPA: Protecting both parties with secured deposit protection and IBGs

At the CPA, we offer a range of services and products to make sure that consumers feel confident when having work undertaken by tradesmen. Deposit protection, insurance backed guarantee and various financial services all serve to benefit both parties involved with the home improvement process.

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