Consumer support body releases manual to help installers meet evolving consumer demands

3 Apr 2014

The Consumer Protection Association has released a manual with the intent of helping installers meet the ever evolving consumer demands.

Jeremy Brett at table A leading consumer support organisation has published a manual to help installers respond to evolving buyer demands.The Consumer Protection Association has published a document called ‘Why are the legalities important?’Using the document installers can find out how they can use ‘boring’ legislation changes; legal frameworks and insurance backed guarantees to boost sales within their business. The manual can be downloaded from the CPA’s website. Jeremy Brett, who is a Director at the organisation, comments: “The legalities do matter- whether it is terms and conditions to protect an installer’s business, insurance backed guarantees and deposit protection that are crucial to winning profitable new business; or changes around consumer legislation and the industry – we can help.“And this guide is a starting point for a number of these issues. Busy installers don’t often have time to find out all of this information – that’s our job. We’re here to offer support and knowledge so installers can concentrate on growing their business.”

CPA fast track initiative

At the start of 2014 the CPA also launched ‘Fast Track’ – a growth acceleration tool that packages the CPA’s twenty two years of experience to help home improvement companies grow.The ‘why are the legalities document’ is part of the ‘Fast Track’ initiative.Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the CPA provides insurance backed guarantees (IBGs) and deposit protection to installers carrying out home improvements and also provides its members with a host of beneficial schemes such as marketing support; training seminars; sales presentation advice and quarterly assessment reports.