Is there a problem with the construction industry's image?

3 May 2017

At the CPA, we strive to improve the construction industry’s reputation. By building consumer confidence we can help to change the negative image.

How will the Consumer Rights Act affect trade?

Several new surveys conducted by third party industry bodies have revealed that a high percentage of young people have a negative view of construction. Many of the people surveyed viewed a career in construction as mainly involving manual labour with limited career progression. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. With massive government investment recently announced in both the residential and large scale commercial sectors, the construction industry is facing a time of huge economic growth.

Meeting industry demand

With three super scale projects – Hinckley Point, HS2, and Heathrow, and massive plans to build thousands of homes; the future of UK construction looks bright. The greatest challenge now is meeting the labour demand and fulfilling a massive skills shortage. This is not only a UK based problem. Global demand for construction is predicted to rise by 3.2% a year for the next decade.

At this moment, there simply aren’t enough skilled workers to meet the necessary requirements. To meet the demands however, perceptions need to change and the younger generation need to be educated and guided towards a wide variety of construction roles.

Engaging through education

One of the main problems facing the construction industry is a skewed public perception. Many view the industry as dirty and dangerous with low wages and poor working conditions. This is completely untrue. Construction roles vary greatly and there is huge opportunity within the sector for progression and career development.

Roles as diverse as surveyors, engineers, architects, and site managers are available both through traditional methods of university education and from within the industry, starting as an apprentice or unskilled worker and learning ‘on the job’. Many of the best engineers and construction managers started as apprentices or site labourers. It is this workplace education which we need to promote to boost the industry’s image.

At the CPA, we continually strive to improve the construction industry’s reputation. We provide Insurance Backed Guarantees and Deposit Protection schemes which help to promote integrity across the industry. By building consumer confidence, we can hopefully play a part in changing the negative image of construction into a more positive one.

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