The UK construction industry skills shortage: could it enable cowboy builders to take home improvements?

Construction helmets

“Cowboy builders” and “skills shortage” are terms that have appeared regularly in news headlines over the past few years. One is a problem that is old as time and the other has been accentuated by a range of factors, including the government’s own lofty housing goals. Back in 2006, the now-defunct Office of Fair Trading received an average of 274 … Continue reading

What are the steps to becoming an approved tradesman?


Reports about rogue traders ripping off hard-working consumers show up on news sites throughout the country too often. With consumers often questioning if rated tradesmen websites can be trusted, they are becoming increasingly aware to look out for an approved tradesman in their area before undergoing any building work. How do I become an approved tradesman? Independent organisations, such as … Continue reading

Can you really trust the rated tradesmen websites?

How will the Consumer Rights Act affect trade?

In this digital age, ratings and reviews are vital commodities that can mean the difference in business expansion or belting tightening. A 2015 study by Moz, a marketing-related software developer, found that 67% of online consumers are swayed by reviews. The research also found that 22% of potential customers have decided not to purchase a product when they have found … Continue reading

Stand out from bogus builders as a rated tradesman with the CPA

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A recent BBC investigation uncovered that tradespeople can fraudulently advertise their services on two trusted trade sites without having any experience. Such a discovery is likely to increase fears over rogue builders, making it more difficult to attain work via online trade websites. However, becoming a rated tradesman with the CPA will ensure that won’t happen, and here’s how: The … Continue reading

5 reasons why it’s paramount for a trader to join an association of tradesmen

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According to a recent survey regarding public fears over rogue builders, 32 per cent of the 2,000 people surveyed claimed they were not pressing ahead with building work because of concerns about “dodgy” tradespeople. Therefore, joining a reputable association of tradesmen is arguably more important than ever before. Fortunately for traders, joining an association of tradesmen will ensure that they … Continue reading

Meet the consumos – here to help you win more business

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the consumos. Sumo Yuki, his wife Akiko and their new dog are on a mission to help raise standards across the industry and reinforce the message that as a member of the CPA, installers will win more new business due to consumers trusting the brand. Jeremy Brett, director at the … Continue reading

Protecting consumers from rogue traders

Become a trusted tradesman with the CPA

When you’re planning any home improvements its always wise to be cautious. It can seem difficult to find a reliable tradesman. You may have contacted several builders but they are all too busy at the moment. Perhaps a friend recommended someone but they are on holiday or you are unable to contact them. Then you have a chance meeting with … Continue reading

5 ways to successfully promote reliability in your construction business

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Reliability and trustworthiness: Important tools for any business Although modern homeowners are becoming more and more savvy to the techniques of untrustworthy cowboy builders, there are still plenty of ways that reliable tradesmen and installers can set themselves apart and stand out from the crowd. At the CPA we’re committed to successfully connecting accredited home improvement installers with consumers. Here … Continue reading

Builder, contractor or home improvement company: which is best for your building project?

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Before undertaking any sort of large scale building project, it’s important to ensure that you are employing the ideal person for the job in order to receive the best service possible. There are various options to consider but most notably; Builders, contractors and home improvement companies who each have their own unique benefits they can all bring. All three avenues … Continue reading