Our quick guide to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 Unfair Terms


As a trader, you have to navigate the world of legal affairs very carefully if you don’t want to suffer the consequences that come with the slightest slip-up. It can be unbelievably daunting to sit and read through the hundreds upon hundreds of pages that accompany the various acts and legislation but it’s important to do so to understand what … Continue reading

What are your rights as a consumer?

Happy homeowners: abolish VAT on home improvements

As a consumer, you have a set of basic rights that were designed to simplify and strengthen the relationship between consumers and suppliers. It’s important that you recognise them to maximise your shopping experience and to understand your legal standing when it comes to dealing with complaints, refunds & repairs. What rights does a consumer have? Your statutory rights that … Continue reading

What’s the difference between a building guarantee & a building warranty?

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When it comes to legalities within any industry, there’s no room for misunderstandings or misconceptions, which is why it’s important for you to know the difference between a building guarantee and a building warranty. What is a Building Guarantee? A building guarantee or insurance backed guarantee is something those within a competent person scheme (CPS) should look to offer. Designed … Continue reading

Are your contract terms ‘fair’ and abiding by the Consumer Rights Act 2015?

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Before you begin any construction project, it’s vital to sign a comprehensive contract. A contract between customer and installer will help to protect both parties in the event of unforeseen problems. Avoid disputes with a fair contract Sometimes disputes between a customer and installer are unavoidable. If a customer feels that the work has not been completed to a satisfactory … Continue reading

What type of insurance do builders need?

Opt for rated tradesmen, not cowboy builders! The home improvement industry is becoming more and more subject to scrutiny, homeowners want to be assured that the company undertaking work on their property can be trusted, and rightly so! As a result, it’s becoming increasingly important for reputable builders to meet the required guidelines and standards put in place in the … Continue reading

What is ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’?

Alternative Dispute Resolution services

Most home improvements run smoothly, with customers leaving stellar reviews and happily paying contractors the full amount for their project upon completion. However, the home improvement industry is one area that is notorious for misunderstandings escalating into full blown disputes. For example, a homeowner might refuse to pay the full price for a window installation because of a small scratch … Continue reading

How will the Consumer Rights Act 2015 affect tradespeople?

How will the Consumer Rights Act affect trade?

The CPA has compiled a guide to surviving the Consumer Rights Act 2015, to help home improvement contractors understand this new legislation. This is intended as an explanatory guide only – please read the government guide for the full policy wording. What is the Consumer Rights Act 2015? 2015’s Consumer Rights Act came into play on the 1st of October … Continue reading

Consumer Protection Association prepares its members for major new legislation

The influential Consumer Protection Association (CPA) has announced it has teamed up with the Retail Ombudsman – as it prepares its members and the industry for the new Consumer Rights Act. The act came on to the statute book on October 1 and affects all retailers of goods, services and digital content and aims to rectify the traditional complexities of … Continue reading

What impact will the pension reforms have on the home improvement industry

The famous economist Milton Friedman once said to judge government policy not by its intentions but by its results. GGP Editor Luke Wood caught up with CPA Director Jeremy Brett, to see what impact the recent pension reforms will have on the industry. Earlier this year the Consumer Protection Association welcomed prominent MP Nadine Dorries to our offices, both to … Continue reading

Consumer support body releases manual to help installers meet evolving consumer demands

A leading consumer support organisation has published a manual to help installers respond to evolving buyer demands. The Consumer Protection Association has published a document called ‘Why are the legalities important?’ Using the document installers can find out how they can use ‘boring’ legislation changes; legal frameworks and insurance backed guarantees to boost sales within their business. The manual can … Continue reading