How to avoid consumer complaints for building work

23 Jan 2017

The last thing you want as an installer is a complaint from one of your consumers in regards to your building work. Learn how an IBG can protect you.

Sometimes building work can be complicated. Unforeseen problems may arise which result in consumer complaints and disputes. If you receive a consumer complaint or become embroiled in a dispute it is helpful to have planned in advance for these unwelcome scenarios. The CPA offer a range of services which help to protect contractors, tradespeople, and consumers from any problems that occur.

Insurance Backed Guarantees


At the CPA, we provide Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBGs) to all our members. An IBG will protect all installations and depending on the type of work can be valid for up to 10 years. We provide IBGs for both traders and consumers to ensure a level playing field is created for all home improvement work.

For traders an IBG helps them to boost consumer confidence and is vital for registration under a self-assessment scheme. For consumers, an IBG protects their investment in case a problem arises and the company who completed the installation has ceased trading.

Consult the Consumer Rights Act

At the CPA we strive to protect all our members. We want traders and consumers to have as much information as possible to help them to avoid unnecessary disputes.

In October 2015 the Consumer Rights Act came into force. By adhering to the Act’s principles, traders can minimise the chances of becoming caught up in lengthy and costly disputes with their customers. The Consumer Rights Act states that all building and decorating work should:

  • Be completed with reasonable care and skill
  • Be completed within a reasonable time-frame
  • Use quality goods and materials

It is important for both parties to sign a contract detailing what work will take place and a realistic time-frame for completion, before any work begins. This will help to protect the assets of both the trader and consumer should a dispute arise.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution services

If a dispute has reached a deadlock without a satisfactory solution being found; the CPA offer an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service to all their customers. ADRs can include several methods of mediation and adjudication which seek to resolve disputes in a fair and unbiased way. Generally with ADR, an independent mediator will assess evidence submitted by both parties and make an impartial decision based on this.

ADR is often a practical method to find a compromise without a lengthy and costly legal battle. Indeed, many courts will refuse to review disputes if no prior attempt of resolution has been made using ADR.

Protecting members and promoting integrity

If you are a member of the CPA, you get our full support to remedy any problems should they arise. We can provide help and advice and will always strive to protect our customers. Consumer complaints can be extremely unpleasant but with help from the CPA you can find a common ground on which to resolve any disputes. Protect against the unexpected with help from the CPA. Call 01462 8500 64 or contact us online to find out more about our services.