Are your contract terms ‘fair’ and abiding by the Consumer Rights Act 2015?

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Before you begin any construction project, it’s vital to sign a comprehensive contract. A contract between customer and installer will help to protect both parties in the event of unforeseen problems. Avoid disputes with a fair contract Sometimes disputes between a customer and installer are unavoidable. If a customer feels that the work has not been completed to a satisfactory … Continue reading

What insurance do tradesmen need?

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If you’re a tradesman, installer, or construction company, you should be financially protected against unforeseen circumstances. Whether you’re involved in the home improvement sector or the larger construction industry, certain types of insurance are vital to protect both you and your family. At the CPA, we can arrange insurance protection for members, their employees, and family. Here are three types … Continue reading

Make sure consumer protection is your top priority

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Do you work in the construction industry? Do you want to build a reputation for integrity and professionalism? Would you like to offer your customers peace of mind that their investment is protected in case of unforeseen circumstances? Do you want access to a fair and comprehensive deposit protection scheme? If so, becoming a member of the CPA can help … Continue reading

How to protect your home improvements work deposit

For consumer peace of mind we offer deposit protection

Home improvements can be expensive. To protect both installer and consumer, a deposit is often payed before any work commences. A deposit helps to ensure that all work is completed to a high standard and all invoices are paid in full. Sometimes, however, a company can enter financial difficulties and a deposit can be lost. In this instance, deposit protection … Continue reading

How to tell when a home improvement guarantee is genuine

Insurance backed guarantee with 10 year warranty from the CPA

When you’re planning any home improvements, it’s important that the work is protected. A home improvement guarantee ensures that your investment is protected against unforeseen problems. Many construction companies offer their customers a wide variety of guarantees and warranties. It can sometimes be overwhelming for consumers to differentiate between the array of packages on offer. So, how can you tell … Continue reading

What if we told you 100% of your customers think you’re excellent?

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Being a member of the CPA comes with many benefits. Insurance Backed Guarantees, Deposit Protection, Finance and Insurance, Marketing Support. All this helps to build your profile as a reliable, professional, and trustworthy company. As a member of the CPA, we will also provide you with a quarterly report including statistics on how your customers rate you. What better way … Continue reading

The importance of home improvement insurance

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Protect against the unpredictable with home improvement insurance from the CPA. All CPA registered installers offer their customers Insurance Backed Guarantees on any work they undertake. In the unlikely event that the company goes into liquidation and ceases to trade, your investment will be protected. At the CPA, we are dedicated to providing consumers with protection against unforeseeable problems. Valuable … Continue reading

How to ensure you succeed in this testing climate

Living in a Brexit World

Jeremy Brett, Managing Director of the Consumer Protection Association, reflects on a politically charged year and shares his top tips to help installers weather the storm to win more business. Trump. Brexit. Leicester City winning the Premier League! Who would have thought any of these people and projects would have been pushed to the forefront of our political discourse and … Continue reading

6 silly mistakes that are costing you home improvement leads

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Having a comprehensive and well-planned business strategy is important. For companies in the construction industry, generating leads is a massive part of the business’ success. When you want to boost your sales, you may not be doing everything you could to help maximise your business’ potential. Here at the CPA, we want all our members to succeed. For installers and … Continue reading