Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive set to close on 31st March 2022

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The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (Domestic RHI) is a government financial incentive designed to promote the use of renewable energy. Funding is available for eligible homeowners and private and social landlords in England, Scotland, and Wales. New build properties are not usually eligible, and the payments are made for seven years and the amount paid is dependent on the amount … Continue reading

3 legal considerations that you need for your construction, glazing and/or home improvements business

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As a tradesperson, it’s important to understand the legalities surrounding your construction, glazing, and/or home improvement business. This will not only protect the consumer but your business as well. Here at The CPA, we offer a range of services for tradespeople who want to stand out from the competition. We offer training, support, and access to certification schemes, so you … Continue reading

Breaking down the Consumer Rights Act 2015

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The Consumer Rights Act 2015 is an act of parliament which consolidates existing consumer law and incorporates a range of new legislation. Its purpose is to uphold the rights of consumers and provide recompense when they are given services or goods which are below an acceptable standard. It also allows consumers to claim compensation if the defective product has caused … Continue reading

Consumer protection for the home improvement boom

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Experts in the home improvement industry are predicting unprecedented demand for work in 2021 and beyond. The Covid pandemic had forced many people to spend more time in their homes and, in many cases, undertake new ways of home working. With all this time spent at home, homeowners have become all too aware of the jobs that need doing around … Continue reading

The CPA: Protecting homeowners and traders for over 20 years

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At The CPA, we provide a range of financial protection products for consumers and traders in the construction industry. Our professional services are fully regulated by the FCA and designed to give both homeowners and traders peace of mind that sufficient protection is in place. Established over two decades ago, The CPA are now industry leaders in providing Insurance Backed … Continue reading

How has COVID-19 changed consumer rights?

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Though the UK is now starting to slowly ease lockdown measures, the country is still very much feeling the long-lasting effects of COVID-19 Engaged couples are still awaiting revised wedding dates, holiday refunds are still pending and loved ones are still limited in the capacity they can see each other. Luckily, with most installations and trade services being outdoors based, … Continue reading

Even the Covid cloud has a silver lining

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We are currently living in an unprecedented time in modern history. The impact from the COVID-19 outbreak is influencing every area of our lives. With many companies being forced into temporary shutdown, the future may seem extremely uncertain, both economically and in the way we function as a society. The COVID-19 situation at the CPA At the CPA, we are … Continue reading

The UK construction industry skills shortage: could it enable cowboy builders to take home improvements?

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“Cowboy builders” and “skills shortage” are terms that have appeared regularly in news headlines over the past few years. One is a problem that is old as time and the other has been accentuated by a range of factors, including the government’s own lofty housing goals. Back in 2006, the now-defunct Office of Fair Trading received an average of 274 … Continue reading

Breaking down the Consumer Protection Act 1987 (and how it affects your business)

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The CPA has compiled this short guide breaking down the Consumer Protection Act 1987. We have taken excerpts from the Act to help explain how it affects consumers and businesses. Please see the government’s website to read the full legislation. The Consumer Protection Act 1987 is in place to hold manufacturers accountable for producing unsafe goods. It allows consumers to … Continue reading