2017 expectations for the glass and glazing industry

Installer Survey 2016

Towards the end of 2016, the CPA carried out a survey using the Insight Data database. Part of the survey asked participants to predict how they expected the glass and glazing industry to perform in 2017. Overall, the results reveal a trend towards caution, with many participants predicting neither rise nor fall across several areas. With an uncertain global economy, … Continue reading

How to avoid consumer complaints for building work


Sometimes building work can be complicated. Unforeseen problems may arise which result in consumer complaints and disputes. If you receive a consumer complaint or become embroiled in a dispute it is helpful to have planned in advance for these unwelcome scenarios. The CPA offer a range of services which help to protect contractors, tradespeople, and consumers from any problems that … Continue reading

Digital vs traditional: Which marketing methods are installers choosing?

The CPA Managing Director, Jeremy Brett

Despite the rise of digital and online marketing, installers are still using traditional methods when it comes to finding new customers. This is according to a recent survey where more than half (60%) of installers questioned said their primary way of attracting new customers is by word of mouth. Surprisingly, just 21% of installers said their website was their main … Continue reading

How much difference a year can make. 2015 compared to 2016 in the eyes of our business owners.

A building with glass windows

At the CPA, we recently carried out a survey using the Insight Data database. We asked all businesses affiliated with the CPA to compare their business results in 2015 to those recorded in 2016. The results were generally positive, with growth recorded across most areas. Against a backdrop of uncertainty, it seems that the glazing industry is continuing to grow … Continue reading

It’s here: the 2016 glazing industry report

The CPA 2016 Glazing Industry Report

Industry report reveals that Brexit ‘Armageddon’ not yet a reality for installers Despite fears amongst some economists and politicians that voting to leave the EU would send the economy into a tailspin, a recent report has shown that installers are overwhelmingly positive going forward. The annual Installer Industry Report by the Consumer Protection Association (CPA) has found that, in the … Continue reading

What the glass and glazing industry predict for 2017

36% of homeowners plan to invest in a home improvement products in 2015

Since the historic Brexit vote in the Summer, consumer confidence has taken a hit. Uncertainty about our future in the EU has affected all parts of our lives. Fluctuations in the value of Sterling has seen national spending decrease towards the end of 2016. With 2017 just around the corner, what is the future looking like for the UK’s glass … Continue reading

Protecting consumers from rogue traders

Become a trusted tradesman with the CPA

When you’re planning any home improvements its always wise to be cautious. It can seem difficult to find a reliable tradesman. You may have contacted several builders but they are all too busy at the moment. Perhaps a friend recommended someone but they are on holiday or you are unable to contact them. Then you have a chance meeting with … Continue reading

Is your business prepared for the future of home improvement?

Home Improvements in the future

This is the question the Consumer Protection Association is asking its members and installers across the industry as a shift in how today’s homeowners live shapes the future products needed to meet their needs. Very few new scheme planning consents are for single-use as homeowners like the sense of community offered through mixed-used developments, which can include various combinations of … Continue reading